English as a Second Language/LIEP




Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP)

(formerly known as English as a Second Language)

“There is no equality of treatment merely by providing students with the same facilities, textbooks, teachers, and curriculum; for students who do not understand English are effectively foreclosed from any meaningful education. “ Lau v Nichols, 1974



Anna Nunn Fulton: George Washington High School 
Coordinator of Language  Galileo High School 
Instruction Educational Programs District Alternative Program 
Pat Fisher, EL Specialist                Gibson Elementary School 
  Forest Hills Elementary School 
Brianna Massingale, EL Specialist Schoolfield Elementary School 
  Bonner Middle School 
  Westwood Middle School 
Kimberley Unger, EL Specialist
Park Avenue Elementary School
  Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School 
Yun Eisele, EL tutor                                 Woodberry Hills Elementary School 
  GLH Johnson Elementary School