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Danville Public Schools

Danville Public SchoolsDanville Public Schools takes great pride in the accomplishments and achievements of our students and staff.  Annually, hundreds of students are recognized for their accomplishments in academics, fine arts, community service, and athletics.  We are an innovative learning community and recognize the importance of all stakeholders (internal and external).  Our teachers, administrators, and staff prepare students to be lifelong learners.  We do this by being lifelong learners ourselves. 

In Danville Public Schools, learning transcends the four walls of a classroom and even a school building.  Danville Public Schools provides all students with a world class education.  Our focus is on ensuring that 21st century skills are embedded in our instructional program including:  global awareness, financial and entrepreneurial literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, social and cross-cultural skills, leadership, responsibility, initiative, and self-direction.

Danville Public Schools continues to prove through various state and national recognitions that we put the needs of students first and strive for excellence every day

DPS School Location Map

1. George Washington High School

2. Langston Focus School and Adult & Career Education

3. O. T. Bonner Middle School

4. E. A. Gibson Elementary School

6. Westwood Middle School

7. Forest Hills Elementary School

8. G.L.H. Johnson Elementary School and Northside Preschool

10. Grove Park Preschool

11. Park Avenue Elementary School

12. Schoolfield Elementary School

15. Woodberry Elementary School

18. Galileo High School