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Safe Schools Initiatives

Danville Public Schools employs a variety of strategies designed to create school environments that are safe and conducive to learning. Among the strategies currently in place are:

  • Crisis Management Plans- the school division utilizes a division-wide crisis management plan that employs standard protocols. With the division plan, schools complete a chapter that addresses the unique characteristics and needs of the site.
  • School Safety Audits- a visiting team conducts an annual inspection of each school site and reviews their findings with the school administration. The principal can incorporate these findings in the school's improvement plan.
  • School Resource Officers- in conjunction with the Danville Police Department, School Resource Officers (SROs) are accessible to all of Danville's schools. SROs are fully trained police officers assigned to work in schools. These officers teach students about lawful citizenship and help with crime prevention as well as patrolling for safety and security.
  • School Security Officers- employed by Danville Public Schools and assigned to specific schools such as George Washington High School, these trained individuals assist school administrators in monitoring the school buildings and grounds to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of all persons assigned to the school or visiting on the school grounds.
  • Monitoring Equipment- Danville Public Schools has invested in electronic visual monitoring in school buildings and on school vehicles to further extend the watchcare afforded to students and employees.

Crisis Plan Documents

DPS Crisis Plan

DPS Crisis Plan Compliance Chart

Crisis Manager by School Dude